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About Clark A. Sprague, RPT
     Clark A. Sprague, RPT has been tuning and servicing pianos for over 30 years,  Included in my piano service training is the Yamaha Little Red Schoolhouse, Disklavier Seminars, and their prestigious Performance Piano Seminar.  Also, the Sacramento California based PianoDisc installation seminar, numerous national and regional Piano Technician's  Guild Institutes and Seminars , and (not the least influential of the list) a father who was a professional musician, and piano technician in his later years.
     I was employed by a local Yamaha dealership in Toledo as their on-staff technician for almost 7 years, when the dealership closed and I went independent.  I have been scheduling appointments in the late afternoons and on weekends.  I service an extremely wide area of NW Ohio, and SE Michigan.  At the bottom of this page, I list a wide variety of communities that I have clients in, and am always looking to add more, 
    Currently, I am the staff piano technician at Heidelberg University, and a contract technician at Bluffton University.

Here is a list of just some of the communities in which I have clients.  In Ohio: Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg, Oregon, Bowling Green, Findlay, Swanton, Delta, Wauseon, Archbold, Pioneer, Fremont, Tiffin, Lima, Mansfield, Upper Sandusky, and Napoleon.  If you live between Bowling Green and any one of these communities, I could be coming to your area.  
     In Michigan, I have clients in Detroit, Monroe, Ann Arbor, Adrian, Tecumseh, Temperance, Lambertville, Ottawa Lake, Morenci, and all points in between.  
     Please call or email for an appointment, and I will make arrangements to come to your area.


     I went to a Master Class, given by a prominent piano concert artist and teacher.  He asked the class at the end of the session, "Has anything I have said or done raise any questions, or comments from you" (the audience- which was students and teachers)?  He had just finished tutoring a very talented college piano major on a very difficult, fast passage in the piece she was working on.  I wanted to say, but did not feel that it was right for me to do so at that time, that the technically difficult passages are simply impossible to accomplish if the piano is not in a well-regulated condition.  Regulation is how the piano action is physically adjusted, to the end of playing well, with proper response to your touch.
     In many instances, piano owners and teachers are not aware of the limitations that they are putting on their students, their kids, and themselves if their piano is way out of regulation.  Notes just do not respond to your touch uniformly if the piano is not regulated uniformly.  Difficult passages become impossible to accomplish, easy passages become uneven in volume, tone, or rhythm, and the music is just not fun or easy to play well.   Nothing can be more discouraging to a young student than to practice and practice, and at the end, they cannot make the music musical because of a piano that is not tuned, regulated, and voiced well.
​  Most people know that you need to tune your piano regularly, but it is also necessary to keep the piano in good playing condition as well.  Let me help you with that.  You'll notice the difference.
Just what is an RPT?  Click on the picture to go to, and find out why it is important to have an RPT service your piano.

Here are just a couple of pictures of an 1878 Steinway and Sons 46 1/2" upright piano that I refurbished, doing some restoration work for a customer.  The piano was refinished, all new action parts, refelted everywhere, keytops repaired and polished, completely restrung with new tuning pins, and the soundboard was repaired.  I had to replace the old, split bass bridge, as well.      This piano turned out wonderfully.  Could these pictures be a preview of what your old piano could look like when I do some restoration on it?  Email or call me for more information about how we can make your piano come to life again!